CUPON Mahwah: Upper Saddle River Meeting Thursday about Ramapo Overdevelopment

We received this notification about an important meeting in Upper Saddle River from the CUPON group in Mahwah. You can dial in or attend the proceedings via Zoom.

Hi Everyone-

Tomorrow night, Thursday May 4th, there’s a very important meeting in Upper Saddle River. We need as many people as possible to attend this meeting and speak during the public portion. The more residents who voice their concerns, the quicker this will be escalated.

If you cannot attend or are hesitant to speak in public, please write an email to Joy Convertini:  and ask that your email be read into the public record. 

Rockland County, NY is building at an enormous rate, and the infrastructure cannot keep up. This irresponsible building is directly affecting our clean water. Please speak out before it’s too late. We have invited the press to watch. This is a great opportunity for people to be heard and draw attention to this huge problem. Please attend in person if you can, Let’s pack the auditorium!


To attend the meeting via Zoom use this link:

To dial in by phone, dial 1 646 931 3860 then the meeting ID followed by #, which is  842 319 706

To attend the meeting in person here is the address:

376 W. Saddle River Rd, USR, NJ

See you tomorrow night-