Father and son lost; mother and baby sister saved: Spring Valley fire victims ID’d

“The five who were killed in an early-morning fire Saturday and those injured were all related, according to information from the Guatemalan Consulate in New York City. They were originally from Jocotán, a town in Chiquimula, Guatemala, and lived on the second floor of the multi-family home.

The young boy who died in the blaze, along with his 2-year-old sister who survived, were born here and were therefore citizens of the U.S.

Meanwhile, as of Monday evening, all five people who had been hospitalized have been released, said Ramon Soto, an assistant to the Rockland County Executive. He said they remain confused and overwhelmed by the tragedy, especially the mother of the two children, one who survived and one who perished.

Five Spring Valley residents died in a fire on March 4, 2023. From left: Maria del Carmen Gonzalez Quizar 29; Carlos Anibal Interiano Gonzalez, 13; Rudy Alfonzo Climaco Interiano, 27, and his son, Darwin Isai Climaco Diaz, 4; and Anastacio Diaz Climaco, 34. PHOTOS SUBMITTED


Those who died are:

  • Carlos Aníbal Interiano González, 13, a student at Chestnut Ridge Middle School. His father, 34, was hospitalized from the blaze.
  • Darwin Isaí Climaco Díaz, 4, a U.S. citizen. Darwin’s mother, 25, was hospitalized, along with a 2-year-old sister. The Consulate reported that they have since been released.
  • Rudy Alfonzo Climaco Interiano, 27, the father of young Darwin. His partner and toddler daughter ‒ Darwin’s mom and sister ‒ survived.
  • Anastacio Diaz Climaco, 34, a cousin of Rudy Climaco and another male resident who was injured in the fire.
  • María del Carmen González Quizar, 29.

The consulate described the adults’ status as “an irregular migratory situation.”

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The adults worked in local restaurants, Soto said.

Irma Lemus, an accountant with a business in Spring Valley, is coordinating the fundraising for the families. “I know these people very well, I know the family,” Lemus said. She is also from the same town in Guatemala. A GoFundMe, “Tragedia de Familia Guatemalteca,” has been established.”

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