Preserve Ramapo endorsements and How to write in Theresa DiFalco for DA

Early voting begins on Saturday October 28. We ask you to please support the candidates below who appear on your local ballots. Clear, step-by-step instructions on how to correctly write-in Theresa DiFalco for District Attorney can be found here on YouTube, and you can view the Channel 2 news story about Theresa here.

A quick list of our endorsements follows with the written endorsements appearing beneath the list.

Theresa DiFalco for Rockland County District Attorney

Write in Theresa DiFalco  in the “write in box” at the bottom of the District Attorney column. (Video how-to here)

Charles Falciglia Rockland County Legislature District #12 Suffern

Vote for Charles on the independent “End Corruption” ballot line Row E

Elye Kramer for Rockland County Legislature District #15 Chestnut Ridge

Vote for Elye on the independent “Infrastructure” ballot line Row E

Brian Shanahan for Clarkstown Town Council Ward 2

Vote for Brian on the independent “Protect Ward 2” ballot line Row E

Ronny Diz for Rockland County Legislature District #2 Haverstraw

Vote for Ronny on Row B

For early voting dates, hours and locations go to the Rockland BOE website

at and click on the Early Voting tab on the left hand


Individual Endorsements

Theresa Difalco for Rockland County District Attorney

We are proud to endorse Theresa DiFalco as the write-in candidate for Rockland County District Attorney. Theresa’s credentials are impeccable and her integrity is beyond reproach. She has been a practicing attorney for more than 25 years, including work as a defense attorney and service in the Rockland County District Attorney’s office prosecuting domestic and sexual violence. Theresa helped establish a Rockland County Domestic Violence Court and a Childrens Advocacy Center at Good Samaritan Hospital. She has also served on the Suffern Central School Board as a Trustee and President, is a lifetime member of the Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corp and a Peace Officer for the Hudson Valley Humane Society.  

Theresa is the ideal candidate for District Attorney for the simple fact that as a write-in candidate she will be free from political pressures of any kind, to administer fair and equal justice for all, without favoritism or special treatment for anyone. Her opponent, the incumbent Thomas Walsh, who sits on the Republican, Democrat, Conservative and ‘Working Family lines, has not delivered on his bold promise for justice “without fear or favor.”

Jared Lloyd and Oliver Hueston died in the Evergreen Fire in March of 2021, however Walsh did not announce his disgraceful plea deal, which offered no jail time and a paltry $300 fine for the perpetrators, until early June of 2023, shortly after the 31 May deadline to file candidate petitions had passed. It appears that Walsh deliberately delayed his announcement of the plea deal, until he was certain that there would be no candidate on the ballot to oppose him in the November general election. This calls Walsh’s character and integrity into question, rendering him unfit to be the top law enforcement official in Rockland County.

Please come out and write in Theresa Difalco for Rockland County District Attorney on 7 November. For detailed instructions on how to do the write in vote check the top of this page for instructions on YouTube.

Charles Falciglia for Rockland County Legislature District #12 (Suffern, Montebello & Airmont)

We endorse Charles Falciglia for County Legislator in District # 12, which includes the village of Suffern with parts of Airmont and Montebello. Charles is the only current County Legislator capable of any real independent thought or action. The remainder stand ready to answer the beck and call of their respective party bosses.  Acting on his own accord, without help from any other legislators, Charles launched multiple investigations into wrongdoing by public agencies and officials, one of which uncovered the questionable soil contract with the Town of Ramapo and resulted in $400,000 being returned to the sewer district. He is also one of only a few legislators who actively participates in the budget review process scrutinizing the numbers to see where our tax dollars are actually going.

Charles is also the only County Legislator candidate to endorse Theresa DiFalco for Rockland County District Attorney. This is despite the disgraceful behavior by sitting DA Thomas Walsh in the wake of Jared Lloyds death in the Evergreen fire, and his failure to disclose the pathetic plea deal for the perpetrators until after the petitioning period for candidates was closed.

Falciglia will only appear on the independent “End Corruption” party line, Row E on the ballot. We are confident that in District #12, Charles can win on that line alone.  By returning Charles to office we will ensure that at least one legislator is free from the shackles of political correctness, to say what must be said, and do what must be done to expose the corruption that is endemic to the county.

It seems the top priority of both major parties in Rockland County, Democrat and Republican,is to secure the Bloc vote in countywide elections, because it is the easiest path to victory, and that’s where all the jobs are. To gain favor with Hasidic leaders, they pressure elected officials at every level and locale in Rockland to do what’s best for the Bloc, at the expense of their own constituents. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how many Republicans or Democrats make up the legislature, the people always lose. What we really need are legislators like Falciglia who are free to act in the best interest of the greater good, regardless of party affiliation. 

Please vote for Charles Falciglia on the independent “End Corruption” party line, Row E on the ballot

Elye Kramer for County Legislature District #15 (Chestnut Ridge and Airmont)

For County Legislature in District # 15 we endorse Elye Kramer. His statement of candidacy caught our attention when it first came out. We found it refreshing, responsible, and remarkable at the very same time.  Kramer’s keen focus on fiscal discipline, controlling taxes, maintaining infrastructure, and fighting corruption are sane, sensible, and commendable objectives.

Of particular interest is Kramer’s pledge to contribute 50% of his legislative salary to charitable causes within his district, or other good government and community improvement initiatives!!!

Yes, you read that right, but read it again if you must. In our many years observing local politics, that is definitely a first.  We are curious enough to see if he’ll actually deliver, to give him the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, if we can get this guy in, he just might be a real keeper.

We were also happy to discover that Kramer has his very own independent “Infrastructure”  party line which is Row E on the ballot.

If you live in Legislative District 15,  which includes all of Chestnut Ridge and parts of Airmont, please come out and vote for Elye Kramer for County Legislature, on Row E  “Infrastructure”.

Ronny Diz for Rockland County Legislature District #2 (Haverstraw)

For County Legislature in District # 2 we endorse Ronny Diz. Ronny’s impressive experience includes decades of military service in both enlisted and officer ranks, as well as  twenty-seven years with the NYPD  in many different capacities. Ronny also belongs to a number of community-based organizations, which gives him tremendous insight into the most urgent priorities confronting us here in Rockland. His areas of focus will be business development, advancing public education, and controlling taxes. A sitting member of the Rockland County Planning Board, Ronny is well aware of the serious problem we face in regard to overdevelopment, illegal housing, and zoning code enforcement. Ronny Diz is without question, a man of real substance whose tenure as a public servant will be an asset to his constituents in Haverstraw.

Please come out and vote for Ronny Diz for Rockland County Legislature District #2. You will find him on Row B on the Ballot.

Brian Shanahan for Clarkstown Town Council Ward 2

Brian Shanahan’s independent candidacy for Clarkstown Town Council in Ward 2 offers an exceptional opportunity for the residents of Clarkstown.  With decades of experience as a federal law enforcement agent, Brian is poised to excel as a public official.  If elected, he will fearlessly express his views and vote in line with his principles, free from the constraints of political pressures from either side of the spectrum. His mission is crystal clear: to establish an honest and transparent government that serves the people of Clarkstown.

Brian has also fervently voiced his commitment to advocating for RLUIPA (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act) reform, believing that the current form of RLUIPA will continue to lead to unintended and perilous consequences for Clarkstown’s and the other village and town’s zoning laws, including overdevelopment and subsequent challenges to the town of Clarkstown’s and county’s well-being.

As a Board member, Brian will usher in a new era of openness, ensuring that all town deliberations, decisions, actions, and initiatives are conducted with total transparency, leaving nothing hidden from the public. There will be no room for backroom deals, underhanded tactics, or succumbing to pressure that prioritizes the political machine over the greater good.

It is crucial to note that Brian exhibited the courage to openly endorse Theresa DiFalco for District Attorney, a bold move that his opponents in this race failed to replicate. Their silence in the aftermath of Jared Lloyd’s tragic death in the Evergreen fire and the questionable conduct of District Attorney Thomas Walsh is nothing short of reprehensible. This silence undeniably demonstrates their subservience to their respective party bosses, both of whom supported DA Walsh despite his delayed disclosure of the plea deal for the perpetrators, until after the petitioning period for new candidates had concluded.

If you reside in Clarkstown Ward 2, please remember to cast your vote for Brian for Town Council – Ward 2 on Row E, “Protect Ward 2,” when you also write in Theresa DiFalco’s name for District Attorney. Your vote will be a powerful statement for positive change and integrity in local governance.

Thank you very much,
Michael Parietti
Preserve Ramapo