Preserve Ramapo Midterm Endorsements


State Assembly 98th District / Bruce Levine

State Assembly 97th District / Eudson Tyson Francois

State Assembly 96th District / Brett Yagel and Ken Zebrowski (see below)

Suffern Village Trustees / Steve Alpert and Fred Sauberman

Suffern Village Justice / Justice Ernest Buonocore

Governor of New York / Kathy Hochul

Supreme Court Justices / Richard Guertin, Linda Murray, Amy Puerto, Elena Goldberg-Velasquez, Robert Cypher, Joseph Farca, and Michael Grace

You can read more about the candidates and endorsements below.

Visit the Board of Elections for information regarding your polling place.


State Assembly 98th District

For State Assembly in the 98th District we endorse Bruce Levine. His long running efforts as an activist and public servant make him an excellent candidate for State Assembly.  Bruce served in the County Legislature for eleven years and helped save Rockland from bankruptcy twice.  He led a protracted, successful, and epic battle to stop the high-density development of Patrick Farm that was beyond remarkable. He drafted the petition for the stadium referendum and played a pivotal role in voting down public funding for the project.  Bruce has been fighting for consumers and the environment in utility rate cases for thirty years nonstop.

He has pledged to increase the number of child care slots for all income groups in New York state, ban private corporations from buying single family homes and renting them to the public, and to levy personal financial penalties on elected officials who deliberately violate laws that lead to fines paid by taxpayers or who hide documents in FOIL cases.

Bruce is a truly invaluable resource to our community whose years of hard work towards the public good make him more than worthy of your vote.

State Assembly in the 97th District

For state assembly in the 97th district we endorse Eudson Tyson Francois who has proven his mettle in the boiling cauldron of Spring Valley politics, where, as a trustee on the village board he was the leader in opposition to the corruption and malfeasance that is endemic there. A product of Spring Valley High School, Eudson has seen firsthand the devastation done by private school interests when they take over a public-school board.  He is determined to protect other public schools from suffering a similar fate.  Eudson will never get the Hasidic Bloc vote because they know that he has seen the Elephant, and could never be trusted to do their bidding.   

The opposite is true for his opponent, John McGowan, whose inert tenure on the county legislature has been worse than underwhelming.   This past week he voted to approve a ten-year redistricting plan that was a transparent gift to Hasidic leaders at the expense of just about everybody else, including his home turf of Pearl River, which was divided into two different legislative districts. He voted yes without a single word of clarification. That silent, blind obedience to the Bloc is a prerequisite to get their vote. People throughout the 97th District should think twice about wasting their ballot on someone who will clearly be at the beck and call of the Bloc if he wins.

Far better to give your vote to Eudson Tyson Francois who will act in the best interest of everybody, rather than a single, self-serving, special interest.  

State Assembly in the 96th District

In the 96th Assembly district we have two excellent candidates in the mix, Brett Yagel and Ken Zebrowski and we will leave this choice to you.  

As Mayor of the village of Pomona Brett Yagel fought a long and complex legal struggle against the Tartikoff Rabbinical college and ultimately prevailed, enduring a torrent of abuse along the way. If you are looking for someone who won’t roll over, you can bet on Brett.

As a member of the State Assembly Ken Zebrowski has long been a strong advocate for the issues we are focused on: sane building codes, opposing and exposing dangerous illegal housing and fighting corruption. A vote for Ken is a sure bet too.

Suffern Village Trustee

There are four excellent candidates running for two Trustee slots in the Village of Suffern. Two term incumbent Steve Alpert and Fred Sauberman are sitting trustees. Andrew Zavoski is a long-life long Suffern resident and member of the village planning board. Banks Dastine is a local entrepreneur and business owner.

Our endorsement goes to Alpert and Sauberman.

 Steve Alpert’s strong work ethic, attention to detail, and disciplined approach to fiscal affairs, make him a real asset to the taxpaying public.

Fred Sauberman has demonstrated a dedication to both preserving the quality of life in Suffern in changing times and to transparent governance that enables the participation of all, officials and residents.

Suffern Village Justice

For Suffern Village Justice we are endorsing the incumbent sitting Justice Ernest Buonocore who we believe has done an excellent job.

For Governor of New York, we endorse Kathy Hochul

In the final days of this long campaign season, it has become abundantly clear to us that Lee Zeldin will get the full weight of the Hasidic Bloc vote at the ballot box. This has become obvious from lawn signs, ballot cards, and numerous social media postings. There is no longer any doubt about it.

To be fair Hochul tried to get their vote also, but that effort bore no fruit, which should be a lesson to Democrats going forward.  

We fear that if Zeldin wins, Hasidic leaders will be positioned to get whatever they want, whenever they want it, despite any collateral damage to the rest of us.  

On the other hand, if Hochul were to win without the Bloc, perhaps the blank check policy for Hasidic leaders at the Governors office, which has been the status quo for decades, might finally come to an end.

For Governor vote Hochul/Delgado

Supreme Court Justices

Although the elections for supreme court justices do not garner the same headlines as other offices, and often we do not recognize candidates by name, these races may be even more important to your everyday life than all the others.

We have done our best to determine the candidates we believe you should support.

The one Judge we will highlight here is Richard Guertin who is currently a serving city judge in Middletown, NY. Richard is a life long resident of Orange County, NY and has been involved in the municipal, civic and community affairs of his local area for many years. He is married with four adult children and four grandchildren. In our assessment, Judge Guertin is above and beyond the reach of any political pressure or special interest and will hand down decisions grounded in the law as well as his own well-honed sense of fairness. This is exactly what we need most urgently in the Ninth Judicial District.

Beyond Judge Guertin we have indicated on our sample ballot the judges we recommend that you vote for this year. We are generally wary of backing justices that appear on the Conservative Party line as that is often a sign that they are receiving the Bloc vote. However, there are exceptions as you will see.

They are listed here as well.

Richard Guertin

Linda Murray

Amy Puerto

Elena Goldberg-Velasquez

Robert Cypher

Joseph Farca

 Michael Grace