Support Patricia Tenemille for Family Court Judge–Democratic Primary, Tuesday June 27

In the upcoming Democratic Primary for Family Court, Judge Patricia Tenemille is the clear choice for voters who favor a fair and independent judiciary.  As a graduate of Cornell University and Pace University School of Law with 28 years experience litigating matters in the family court system as an attorney and support magistrate, Patricia’s  qualifications for the position are impeccable. Her long-running involvement and commitment to her local community also recommend her. We are confident that she has the compassion and capacity to be an excellent Family Court Judge for Rockland County. 

Her opponent in the race has the full backing and ballot line of the Conservative Party, despite his registration as a  Democrat. In addition,  it has become obvious to us, beyond any doubt,  that he will also receive the Hasidic Bloc vote, which will leave him susceptible to pressure from the leaders of that community to render decisions favorable to them rather than the families and children in question. 

In the wake of the debacle involving the plea deal for the father and son team who caused the Evergreen fire, we should all be grateful that we actually have a choice in the Family Court Judge race, a sharp contrast to the District Attorney who is now running unopposed.  As Democrats we should channel our frustrations about  the lack of justice for Jared Lloyd and Oliver Hueston into a strong turnout for Patricia Brimais Tenemille on Tuesday June 27th,  We desperately need judges who are above and beyond the reach of any political pressure or special interest.  

Michael Parietti
Preserve Ramapo