Tuesday June 6: Finkelstein Library Budget and Trustee Vote

On Tuesday, June 6, the Budget and Trustee voting will take place at the library from 7 AM to 9 PM. Please support the approval of the budget and Hiram Rivera for election to the Finkelstein Board. Here is more information on Hiram and his reasons for running for the board:

“My name is Hiram Rivera and I am currently a Finklestein Library trustee in the East Ramapo Central School District.  I am running for another term. 

I have dedicated time to volunteering within the local church and the community area, working with youth programs and teaching religious studies. I was the past president of the local Hispanic/Latino parent group, Padres Unidos (United Parents) and have worked closely with the local PTA. I am an active parent member of the East Ramapo marching band. I have strong ties with the community and various community groups. 

I am blessed to be married to my lovely wife Jacqueline Rivera going on 30 years. We have four (4) amazing, beautiful children who have all attended schools in the East Ramapo CSD. We have been living in Hillcrest in the Town of Ramapo since 2009.

The Finkelstein Library Board represents from all walks of life, African American, Jewish, Haitian American and myself. As a Latino I am committed to working as a board member with my fellow trustees in support of policies and procedures that will support adolescent growth, people in need of services and use of our library’s plentiful resources.

As an appointed trustee for the Finkelstein Library, I am honored to be running to continue on as your trustee. I have been employed with the NYS Department Of Health for over 18 years and my line of work is with contracts, budgets and working closely with many community-based organizations. I have managed over $250 million in contracts and understand the necessity of detail and focus needed to work as a trustee for the Finkelstein Library. 

I want to help lead our wonderful library into the future.

Please vote for me, Hiram Rivera and vote YES on the budget!”

For more information on the proposed budget visit www.finkelsteinlibrary.org